Core HR
Core HR provides features that help you to create and maintain details about the company, basic HR structures, hierarchy etc.

Employee management
Helps to maintain accurate and detailed information about all your employees as maintaining and managing employee data in one location makes it a lot more easier for tracking and compliance.

Document management
Facilitates maintenance of various employee documents at a centralized location for safe and easy reference later.

Employee Self Service
Allows employees to login in to the system, view their personal details, check their leave balance, allow them to apply for leave, submit timesheet etc...

Provides integration with your attendance system and allows you to upload your attendance data. Alerts employees if absent, thus reducing your time in monitoring the employee attendance.

Leave management
Allows you to set up your leave policies. Leave application / approval follows a workflow process, thus ensuring that the managers work with information about the employee's leave. Helps employees to know about their leave balance and plan accordingly.

Project management
Helps you to set up your various clients, their projects and assign them to employees. This provides more clarity to the management on who is working on what project, who is free to be assigned to a new project etc. Helps you to take informed decisions easily!

Timesheet management
Ensures that your employees record their time spent during the week, and the seamless workflow process ensures that the manager monitors and approves the activities of the employees. Creates a transparent, and accountable work environment!

Project management
Provides you with a whole lot of reports based on employees, projects, timesheets, leave etc. which reduces managerial work drastically, thus allowing the middle / top management to focus on the core objectives of the company.